Bisexuality: Who am I, the journey continues

What is bi-sexuality?

How does it taste?

Is it like ice cream?

That I prefer both flavors of chocolate and vanilla?!!!

The soft sexy curves of a woman

The rock hard muscles of a man

When will I know for sure?

When I'm twenty?

Am I sexually confused?

Maybe I just haven't found "the one"?

I, mean I haven't dated before... so..

What if I date a girl and like it?

What if I date a guy and like that as well?

My family would flip......


Am I bi-sexual?

Does it matter what my preference is?

Should I care?

How will I know?

Am I confuse?

I kind of like the touch of a woman...

And the touch of a guy.

His strongness...

Her gentleness...

The best of both worlds, right?


Am I confessing, finally to myself?

Letting myself feel real emotion for both sexes?

Aren't gays the only ones that come out of the closet?

So what does Bi-sexual people do?

Do they just walk out of the room and say "Hey I like everyone!!! Party time!!"

Why do gays and bi-sexuals have to declare their sexuality?

Why is everything heteronormative?

If people HATE gays for being gay, I wonder how do they view bi-sexuals?

I bet their head would burst into flames with just the thought.


SO what am I?

Women can be so beautiful and lovely

But I don't believe I'm gay..

And I like looking at guys physically..

So what am I?

I think I will explore to find the truth before I declare who I am.




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