5 senses of love.


We fall in love by our senses.

By the way he smell so good where you can still smell him after he has left the rom.

By the sight; they say love at first sight, I call it bullshit It's how we view a person how they walk, talk, and sometimes their looks.

By the way he pronounces your name. They way it roll of his tongue. How sweet he sound.

By the taste; and not by licking him from head to toe either. By his kisses... and what I mean is when you remeber the way he kiss and the taste of the cherry candy he was eating a hour ago.

By he touch of him touching you.. giving you chills up your spine and 48 hours of butterflies.

We fall in love by our senses.

His smell.

My view.

His voice.

That cherry taste.

and them everylasting butterflies of love when he touches me.

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