A memorable Night


As she danced for her audience of one, beads of sweat dropped from her hair.
-I danced for him, like I never had before.

All manner of rather erotic thoughts filled my head, my mind focusing on the way the light sparkled in her eyes.
-He looked at me, in such a intense and passionate way.

We kiss, we touch, we undress.
-A kiss, his hands are so warm and soft, we leave our clothes on the floor.

We see each other naked, and for once in both our lives, we're not afraid.
-He looked so strong, so dignified, standing there in our room. I'm not scared.

Her body is so beautiful, her curves and shape, so lovely.
-I wonder if he thinks I'm fat. Look at him, how did he get so thin?

We get on the bed.
-I pushed myself on top of him, we're on the bed. I've never felt this, before.

I enter her.
-I slid it in me.

We thrust, we have sex, It's wonderful.
-I bounce on top of him, riding his privates, It's fun.

It was my first time.
-I took his virginity.

We smile. I'm happy.
-He smiled. I'm happy.


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