let's not and say we didn't

Sat, 07/05/2014 - 19:47 -- anndobr


you’ve got an erection while i have a urinary tract infection

this is not a deflection this is me saying maybe we don’t work

at the same time


your eyes say hello and hello again and i feel my heartbeat overtake my ears
and breathing nearly ceases

i am aroused at the thought of you

are my hands soft enough in case i am in your proximity?

please don’t ever touch me

you remember things i said 6 days before yesterday

and at times i’m like


let’s not do anything that you do ever again please and thanks

just freeze and let me look at your beauty

what kind of sexuality is that? let me freeze time and ogle you intensely

plaid boxers and arms and elbows and all bby

did you know i’m a dancer? that’s what i do when i get into a tight spot,

i do my best to back bend out and around

we’ve got a problem and i can’t find the solution

all i can do is put more words into the spoken world so they don’t leave such a chemical pause between us

please don’t

invite me to your house to have booze because i am afraid i will lose all inhibition and swallow your marble body whole



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