Eyes flowing with invitations and implications

Slightly parted lips begging to be met by more

A pulse beating a rapid rhythm so rowdy it's almost audible

Orbs soft and malleable

Made for manipulation

Flat and toned

Flares and leads to that site

Of concentrated tension

Skin spread smoothly over supple thighs and calves


Fingers and hands flow over skin

Igniting a slow fire

With the anticipation a mouth will soon follow

To fan the flame

As the fire increases in intensity

Two bodies become one tangled mass

As hard meets soft and rough meets smooth

Protruding meets welcoming


Gasps, whispers, moans

Bodies slick with sweat moving with

A seemingly sychronized rhythm

Muscles corded from

The intense undeniable pressure

Then exploding in unison


Relaxing as the fire simmers and

Exhausted satisfied smiles cross faces

While drifting into dreamless sleep


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