Little Bear

How is our baby bear?

Is it healthy is it strong?

For you two I'll never cease to care

I don't care if chasing you is wrong

You are worth the world


I wrote the poem to my ex

Who told me she was with child

We had unprotected sex

From there things became more wild

Did the baby even exsist?


It had been a few weeks since she texted me

On her insta she found a new boy

I felt stupid that I could not see

She was done with me a used toy

Yet I refused to except the truth


I wrote the peom and woke up 

In her strings I've been caught

My life has become a dump

Pregnant she is not

Her Father apologized


Writing the peom I relized 

That she just wanted to be loved

Her childhood was terrorized

Forever by me she'll be loved

I understand, now I'm moving on


RIP Alexis Chevy-Pezel Bose

Regardless if my little bear even exsisted

My little bear forever holds a place in my heart.

And so does the mother bear, whom now I understand.



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