Why is sex?

When you're told the cock in your mouth makes you
Like a serpent slithering into your body
Burning your throat
And your soul


You would feel ashamed, right?


But you've always loved sucking cocks!
It makes you feel good!


So why is it shameful?


When you're told having a head between your legs is
Like a beast caught in the snares of sin
Tearing at the mechanism
Ripping apart your consciousness


You would feel horrible, right?


But having your pussy eaten out is your favorite thing in the world!
Your body fills with pleasure every time!


So why is it dreadful?


When you're told fucking your partner loudly during the night is
Like two demons caught in a wicked dance
Singing their devilish music
Spreading evil far and wide


You would feel awful, right?


But you and your partner love the connection you two get from fucking!
You feel ever so close!


So why is it appalling?


When you're told the images and videos on your device makes you
Like Asmodeus's image spreading
Rotting your mind
And your heart


You would feel atrocious, right?


But you love browsing the internet for those images!
It frees you and makes you feel better about your own body!


So why is it immoral?


When you're told pleasuring yourself with whatever means you find enjoyable is
Like the demons you hold back let loose
Ruining your genitals
Which are only meant for "proper" usage


But you love the rush you get from it!
You feel it as a way to release!


So why is it unethical?


Why is it terrible?
Why is it nasty?
Why is it scandalous?


A blowjob?
Eating someone out?


It's just sex?


There should be nothing shameful about it!
There is nothing shameful about it!


However kinky you are
Whichever way you have it
However many people you have it with
Whatever reason you have it


Sex isn't a demons' dance.
Or the devil's call.


It's just sex!
And there is nothing wrong with it.


And don't ever let anyone make you feel bad for having it.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



good poem, I related a lot. I could see your emotions in this topic.

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