Unwanted love, my beloved

Everyone, everywhere

love me, desire me

let me be in all of your wet dreams and fantasy

men, women, all

I need to feel loved and wanted.

If I wasn't so careful I would allow

the beast to be unleashed,



my sexual appetite would eat up anybody

who questions it, but no I restrain myself

for another day where I can feed

I'll feed so much my body will no longer

hunger for more

but be plush with so much food

Stop it

 I must cease these dreadful thoughts

And yet I must,

quench the exhilarating, insatiable thirst

to be licked and touch and loved

I'm so desperate for a hug but

I pull away from many forms of touch

I dream of firm passionate kisses

Romantic nights of moon light

I pass at every pass I receive

No sir,

I'm not interested,

I don't speak English,

Later I think... what if

Till then I hunger,








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