the art of sex


United States
41° 50' 21.5232" N, 71° 4' 24.7728" W

take it off so i can take you off

you squirt like a fire hose on full blast

i love the way you ride me and how you bounce that ass

as our lips contact our bodies overheat

our souls touch one another when i go in soo deep

and when our souls meet we become one

i hold you close to me baby so you cant run

pain is temporary so let me build your endurance

fast lane on a crash course without no insurance

but i can insure you'll be satisfied

as i hear that body name

i come to you so you can cum for me

back to back we act so aggressively

lemme eat you like you was my last meal

lick the plate clean while you rain on my windshield

after we both climax we lay and relax then on for round 2 cause we starting it back

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