Thanks for the ride

He was just a little kid
blonde hair, blue eyes
playing in the back of the church like usual
waiting for mom to say it’s time to go.

He doesn’t notice the girl with her short shorts and blue shirt

or the boy with black shorts, a jaunty step and a devilish grin.

the anxiety in her eyes

or the glint in his.

screaming happily in the wind
it whips his coat around and blows his hair every which way
he wants to go to the swings, but mom said stay here
and i dont want to lose my spiderman action figure again

so the little kid stayed there

and the girl walked timidly to the right

and the boy strode to the left, trying the doors to see if they were unlocked

yet the rain trickled down

The little kid ran towards the church
mommy called to go
“we’re going to McDonalds for dinner, sweetie”
the little boy clutched his spiderman tight, and smiled into the rain.

the boy finished, and pulled off the condom

the girl pulled up her pants and tried not to hate herself

they got in the car, and he dropped her off at home

“thanks for the ride.” “thanks for the ride.”


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