Soul Cry


Do you really expect to get the love of your life?

When you don't respect yourself,
You post half nude pics, and say
“I give bomb head,” and yet
You dare to expect respect

This generation is confused
The girls are over used and
The women are under used
And waiting like a bomb with a fuse, but…
No boy goes to these women
No, they flood these girls
And the men wonder,
“Where did the women go?”

But the boys and girls worry
He's worried about how moist she is
And she's worried about how big he is
But, they don't know about love to give...

Not the truly bright kind
Because it’s only for one night,
And another night,
And another night,
Until she’s pregnant and no one’s wife
And the boy has left out of sight,
Saying, “I don't know this girl,
And I don't care about what's right,
I didn't bring that child into this life”

Yes the boys and girls worry
The girls are worried about fashion and boys
The boys are worried about rapping and hoes
But they just don't know when the money goes
The “love” goes, and they’re alone

But the men and women worry,
O they worry about their glory
As ladies and men that stand
Nude as one before her and him

They ask the question, this they do

Ladies before a man enters you, you ask him:
Are you doing this for fun or for love?

Men before you enter a woman, you ask her:
Are you doing this for fun or for love?

Still the boy, he ask the girl to lick on the tip
Still the girl, grinning she bends and licks
The edge, the gap, of the endless precipice

A countenance of messages from her mother was missed,
As he puts his flesh on hers and hers on his,
Consensual rape for two children as they are just that...
Children, and if you tell them, "You're too young!"
As they cum they'll be deaf, blind, and indeed dumb
As they succumb to that numb…

They feel no need to hear, but to repeat the actions for the feeling they seek,
And in that way we sink as humans deeper into the sea of self-treachery,
Feeling that this escape will bring happiness when the consequence is settling,
Upon us with STDs and HIV and as I see it, our children's children will be,
A generation of children with children, and then the world will end

Till then this is my plea to the children of the night,
I want to help you find the light, and to fight the good fight,
But you all make my soul cry, and the well has begun to dry.


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