Kitty Kitty

You make me think that I can't be free.

Make me think I'm a princess, in a tower.

Whisper menacingly in my ear that you'll eat my flower, make it sound like a good thing.

I wait for you to kill me.

You promise me you will, wiggle your thing at me

Pour your sour inside my chest. Manage my hair and pull my folicles straight.

Fleshy flower bulbs in the soil.

I am muddy, rainy, brown sky evening.

No stars to wish your strength over long nights of,

In and out and in and out and slip and slide down your cheeks.

Facets of your sincerity.

Midnight blood and puddle on the side of the road, make a mud hole.



Struggle for a moment then fall down on top of me, it hurts but I can feel the static

Coming off your thing so I know the bleeding ain't so bad.

This is the least I can do.

I'm your virgin.

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