I grew up in a suburb

I grew up in a suburb full of white people

I went to school with only a hand-full of minority students

I did not even know what minority meant

I grew up not aware of the injustices around me


I grew up focusing on academics and athletics

I grew up expected to go to college

I am going to college with more minorities I have ever seen

I did not know how much their identities would impact me

I grew up when I came to college and gained knowledge


I grew up when I sat in class learning about the LGBTQ+ community for the first time

I grew up when I wrote a paper about the unequal playing field of educational opportunity there is in the United States

I am growing up now that I am aware of all identities and the detrimental society we live in

I now know that I am here to accept everyone for who they are and advocate for human rights

I grew up when I became open-minded and truly found the beauty in differences


I grew up and

I grow everyday


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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