Just one click, led to another.
His twisted words encouraged it.
But I trusted his beseeching sentences
And lost my senses with them.

It seemed alright at first; 
A simple game of truth or dare.
But did I dare accept this challenge?
I couldn’t, why would I?
But in the end: 

I did.

Without thought or distraction; 
I mechanically took another flick.
Just like a robot, repressed by action
-- conforming to my master’s words.


The button was already hit, 
without regret or hesitation
But instead… a sigh of relief.

-- Maybe he’ll stop begging now.

He did.

I actually never heard from him again

-- just another jerk from my class. Who cares?

I didn’t.

Until that Monday morning: 
The weekend had come to an end.

My school was quiet
-- yet the halls were filled with whispers.
One sound, one spoken word – echoed everywhere.
But silence filled my presence.


Everyone stared; girls with erratic eyes,

Boys with lustrous smiles.
Who were they looking at?


The photo-virus had taken its leap.
It was airborne- spread through chainmail

-- text message and twitter.
But ironically this virus never got to


It spread from phone to school but I couldn’t catch it.

-- Even though I was the origin of this infectious disease.

How do you capture a rumor
if it’s already taken?


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