Pop My Chéri - For A.M.M.

Why don't you go and call me baby.

My lips are pink as valentines, I know. 

Honey, it might be a bit of a shock 

He'll make you bleed but-

Foreplay helps calm any nerves a LOT-

And moaning loud is the way to go. 


Why don't you stick around a little?

Don't even have to wait 'til I'm done. 

I'd like to be your buttercup, sure, sugar. 

I don't mind I really swear it but

Something new might be a little fun.


They say that I'd feel better if I went ahead and split

So now I'm gagged by my velvet rope. 

I don't blame you for watching, for wanting more than nothing

But this hurts and I want to go home.


I wonder what your friends are doing. 

I don't wonder, much, I know. 

The girls don't want to talk much about it

They love you though, for taking it slow. 





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