8 things to not say to someone you plan to leave

i thought i'd quit you

(knowing all the well that if you showed me

the least bit of attention

i'd come running back)

please come get me

of course, i come running

to find you

tripping on shrooms

crying shaking terrified

i need to talk to you

i give in

like i always do

laying with you in my arms


pressing my lips to your hair

running my hands through it as you 


don't understand

fear you're bleeding

you're great

only the greatest would lay

with you like this

after being snubbed and left behind

i'm so happy i met you

then meet me halfway!

stop making me love you love you love you when

you can hardly look me in the eye

you're so attractive

we kiss

i still can't fully comprehend

the passion with which you pulled me in

like you needed me

i think in some ways you did

sex with you is like magic

when i'm with you like this i want to be with you 

but i can't

you don't try

i ask for nothing

just you

as much as you can give me

don't dump all of your emotions

onto my lap

kiss me

and fuck off

make a choice

and please make the right one

i love you

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