Two Sides to Every Story

A is for adultery and

B is for bitches— the

Cunts that

Don’t know how to keep their legs shut.

Egged on by eager men,

Fucks in the back room, fifty bucks a pop.

Girls on the pole,

Hoes, all of them.


I is for ignorant assholes and

J is for jealousy.

K is for kids

Left at home with a babysitter because

Mommy’s got to get money for

Noodles and orange juice for tomorrow.


On the stage, she hears the jeers of

People on the outside. But she stays

Quiet, because that’s her job.


R is for red marks,

Soon to be bruises, on another girl’s face.


T is for the tits that got the girl through

University, and onto


W is for where she’ll go next, with no debt, a

Xenolith among her peers that

Yak behind her back,

Zinging insults she’s immune to.


This poem is about: 
My community


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