Did you think about me?

Did you think of how I would feel?

Did you think of my shame?

No, you didn't.

You made me hate myself.

I washed you from me.

I washed myself from me.

I looked at my body in the mirror,

and wanted to break down and cry.

You took me from me.

You took my power from me.

You raped me.

You were my childhood boyfriend.

5th grade to 8th grade.

I was a kid.

You were a kid.

And I hate you.

Now, senior year I see you smugly walk by me in the hall.

Do you remember us?

Do you remember the young girl you gave earrings to?

Do you remember our first slow dance?

Do you remember the kitten you gave me?

Or do you remember what I looked like,

When you took everything from me?

I hated you for a long time.

I still sort of do.

But really, I have power because of you.

I'm no longer weak.

I'm no longer powerless.

Thank you.


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