The Modern Woman


United States
29° 32' 13.38" N, 95° 11' 43.278" W

The creature that used to make a man fall in awe
The Creature that made men drop their jaws
We used to inspire ballads and poetry
Now it is solely pornography
We even once held surprises
Now we keep up with which lie is which
We dress as School Girls and French Maids
A surprise at what price to pay?
Don't get me wrong, jaws drop in surprise
Because our fathers do not believe their eyes
Who's responsible for her ideas? Television!
Then where was the adult supervision?
She's a whore that will end up on the corner.
Attention was all they needed to give her.
Her virginity gone and a mind unsettled
An adulterer headed for the netherworld?
Think of you.
Know your value.
I am not a picture,
Or their predicted streetwalker.
I am like the women before the 17th century.
A man will see me and think i'm extraordinary
No fake breast nor a cross dresser
I am Real.

I am a woman.
A woman worth putting in some trust
A woman not tempted by flesh's lust
She knows who she is
He will love that the most.
But will love be se seen
Or will he be distracted by the computer screen?
Women have lost their value
Only because we choose to.
Women have lost their pride
To know what it means to be a bride
A bride dressed in pure white
No, she's in off white
We all know she was out there
Just look at what she used to wear!
That red dress above her knee
It's a wonder she's STD free
Or is she?
She's a woman who made a choice
But did you know she lost her voice?
Women are a prize to be won
Not a toy to be taken
Nor a thing to screw and move on.
I am classy. I am sexy. I am me.
I am the rare woman of the 21st century.


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