Colorful Confessions

Try not to let them see you sweat, or in your case, glisten. But if ever your heart is heavy, your face wet, I'm always here to listen. Not just willing, baby I'm insisting. Let me kiss away, the stress of every day. Been working all day? Let me kiss your hands as I rub them down. Been on your feet all evening? Let me tongue kiss your toes, as I massage your soles. So many erogenous zones there to be found. I think your whole body needs a stress release, lay back, as my face goes down. Let me set off every explosion, until the dam breaks, and I damn near drown. The sweetest taste is in you, as your body bursts in volcanic eruptions. Phones on silence baby, no interruptions. Let me rub and kiss the entire day away. My mouth will eagerly search for every place on your body that might make lesser men stay away. My love, these lips are yours, so climb on top and make your lips kiss them deeply. Then lay on your stomach. Let's be cheek to cheek, as I eat everything beneath me. Anything on your pretty body looks amazing, but I promise a star is born every time that you get naked. If the way to your soul is through your thighs, then let me take it. Sweet love, let's make it. There's nothing to run from, it's just you and I. You are forever my drug of choice. Cloud nine when you give me that natural high. Tasting you through your panties when they're moist, as I stare into your eyes. Drunk off of your love, and oh so drunk off of your juices. I'm a choosy lover, so you haven't heard about me. But I promise, my tongue game is ridiculously stupid. As for what would come next, well that's a private story meant just for the two of us when we're alone. No paper is worthy. As my pen writes on the inside of your walls, let your body tell the story with every lip bite, shiver, and moan. Don't think I'm just after your body, I already told you that I want your heart first. I want to overflow your cup with love until your heart feels like it wants to be burst. Once that's nurtured, I'll explore your body in search of, the perfect techniques to overflow your ocean, drenching me with your sweet potion, quenching my thirst.


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