Australian Kisses


Your legs wrapped around my head,
Lying on your back, lying in bed.
Gently kissing your inner thighs,
Looking up, only, to see you sigh.
Don't stop, please keep going,
The excitement now, has your juices flowing.
Holding your left leg over my shoulder,
Placing my right hand on your left hip,
Locking in your legs, trapped in your grip.
Your fingers running through my hair,
Twisting and pulling, with a directing stare.
Feeling your warmth and moistness, with my lips,
You start to gently thrust your hips.
My hands gripping you tightly,
My tongue, caressing you so lightly.
Up and down, left and right,
The taste of you is just right.
Looking up to glance at your face,
I know I'm hitting the right place.
The sight of pure ecstasy I see in you,
Makes me realize, your love for me just grew.
The intimacy and closeness these kisses bring,
Will make this woman remember you,
Will really make her sing.

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