Virgin in the flesh

Our sweet generation lost in space

Fuck you to the moon

Pissing out of widows and raping the world in a single glance


Can you imagine all puckered lips and spit flying

and touching my beating heart with your sticky fingers

Just love my pretty legs and press my stomach to my spine

Love my waist and rub raw the nerves that grace my palms

Break my hips and hold me like I'm your gypsy

Don't leave

Crush me close and use your head

Use your hands and use your fingers

And love me like the sky is falling

Like the sun won't rise in the morning

Everywhere you touch me feels all shining

and loved

My back, my thighs, my face, my arms, my love

My butt, my hair, my hips, my arms, my lips

My feet, my mouth, my heart, my hands, my life

Your touch makes my members new


Flashing in the dark with sex and burning

Just touch me like it's the only way to keep me in your arms

Slit your eyes and lean into me

Bring me to my knees

Bring the pangs and stirrings to top of my throat

Puckered lips and flying spit and

Touch me to my knees


I love you

I love you like the sunrise,

but I won't let you fuck me out of existance

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