a woman so full in her figure and bright her mind is the most beautiful presence on this celestial rock

(her curves so soft) my hands stroking her thighs and gripping her waist she (moans)

So beautifully her own


Her lips so soft like cashmere fills my soul with warmth

she smells of lemongrass and coconut milk she is so lovely


(neck kisses and soft grunts) flood her and mines mind of thoughts of what could next happen next kissing her neck and she lets out a soft breathe ready for what ever may come? (next)


And oh my I can tell she’s so excited and I can feel so I love it I love her

So soft and so (wet she is I reach my hands down her pants and stroke her to her liking she loves it and I love pleasing her


my my, still stroking her peachy soft chest she begs for me



I kiss down her sides and kiss kiss gently lick the inside of her thighs down to her flower bed kiss she







my first like


wow amazing


ong you got the words



Absolutely gorgeous. This is my favorite poem on here so far.

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