American Psycho

My American psycho likes to kiss.
My American psycho likes me to be his.
My American psycho needs me to love him.
My American psycho is so stupid.
He has a dark, dark soul.
He has a heart of gold.
He was so, so bold.
I had to know
'Cause crazy is not born
'Cause crazy is always made.
Prince of darkness is his name.
I had to touch him, feel him,
Pick apart his brain.
I had to understand
What makes him insane.
I had to please him, need him,
Soothe all his pain.
I had to understand
What makes him insane.
This pain paradise lies in his eyes.
Body tingles, tongue on my thigh.
Real, real cool, not like other guys.
Only I can keep him high.
School girl's crush,
Bad boy's lunch.
Big bad wolf coming to get me.
I should run, but I want him to fuck me.
My American psycho likes to be bad.
My American psycho is scary when he's mad.
My American psycho breaks my heart when he's sad.
My American psycho is the only one I have.
He can't go out in the sunlight.
We kiss in the moonlight.
Make up screw after we fight,
He's alright.
He likes it when I call his name.
He loves it when I moan his name.
Too wild for the world, can't be tamed.
How did he get this way?
My American psycho,
Why do I love him?
My American psycho,
Why do I trust him?
Kill, kill, kill.
Gives me thrills.
All these chills.
Kill, kill, kill, kill.
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