The Beauty of a Rebound

You’re not him
but I still see you differently.


And I’ve come to conclude that maybe
one wave can’t carry the whole ocean but if you ride one wave long enough, eventually it will





I think the reason why our bodies fit together like puzzle pieces is because we both
need to feel 
something else besides they’re name
burned           into
              our          throats. 
and now when you run your hands
along the curve of body,
I do.

they’re smaller than his.
but softer. 
and they cover the scars that his touch left on my skin,
while your finger prints linger  like a tattoo cemented with
a mutual love for self-


when you kiss my lips I
don’t have to think about
anything anymore
the taste of you in my mouth.

and I know you need a distraction too.

so you freckle my skin with
your lips and they are all that

I have to think about.

and I swear
you’re not him
but I can try to see you differently.

and together
we can try to stitch each other back up
with kisses.


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