Hand on hand, skin on skin, touch touch
Sliding in your fingertips, touch touch
Blood is sauntering, energy is wandering
Both through the passageways of my veins

Cannabis tumbling into my lungs
And it rises up to my cerebellum
Then it oozes down between my legs
For this, I'm not opposed to having to beg

Kiss me, I want your lip, tongue, and teeth
Rub me, I want you to feel my water seep
Out of me, spilling onto your fingers
When we bid goodbye, the aroma lingers

I like to watch you, like to see flowers who bloom
Whether it's under the sun or under the moon
Dimples and a smirk just make me swoon
But beautiful people can lead you to doom

I'm a pessimist, a being full of bitter and blue
My soul is paradoxical, it holds midnight and noon
So when I feel these bouts of attachment
I hope it doesn't end up to be a reenactment

Of the previous fairy tales that have failed
Of all the sickness that conquered and prevailed
I hope heartbreak isn't a song stuck on repeat
Same lyrics, different artist, and a different beat

Something tells me that there's a hidden treasure
In the folds of your mold, more than temporary pleasure
With so little, you can make me want so much
Your cells alone makes me wanna inhale all your words, all your touch

Don't ignore me, adore me, you never bore me
I may mistake being alone for being lonely
Either way I wanna watch Netflix while you hold me
2 AM thoughts ignited by you solely, only

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I ABSOLUTEly love this! And I'm a pessimest as well.

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