Because of a Fall

Leaf falling down a tree

A whole life attached to a native bough

Clingstone to freestone, pinnate to palmate,

Persistent untill the wind sets it free,

Far from crown it goes now

Hate's leaf scar on its state


A brief time is spent there-

Where the leaf and the wind breeze through the world-

When swiftly this breeze fades into the skies

A gale now, the leaf exerts to prayer

All the rush is now whirled

Just a leaf that gives cries


The wind controls its sway

Blowing spray on the leaf's veins with no green

It uses its teeth to pop, pop, pop, off

Its wide margins it scoffs through the airway

Cuts off buds, a routine

"Because I love you" coughs



A smashed midrib, but there's still evergreen

Just has to remove the more weight to float

Nourishing? No, this was an invasion

Does not need yohimbine,

Looking at leaf scar's note


I just have to unfall-

Return to the crown for true love was there-

Nothing more nourishing than that heartwood

Where compassion, forgiveness, and warmth sprawl

Now I am cordate, swear

Because I love you could

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My family
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