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I know what happened to her...I know what happened to them...You won't get away with this,I know the truth.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
her heart, broken in pieces like glass and my heart healthy and kind, so i gave her a chance regardless of her love being like a field of mines, i knew what was to come  so i didnt expect to be dissapointed
Beneath the weight of betrayal's sting, I feel the tears that longing brings, Made a fool, manipulated, accused, Left torn, worthless, empty, and bruised.
The Handbook For Generational Hereditary Addiction One: Don't do drugs.  Yes, that includes weed and alcohol. Two: If you do smoke or drink, be prepared for the 'gateway drug' lecture
Dpp and Babia, a love story so sweet, Their bond, so strong, it's hard to beat. Together they're a perfect pair, A love like theirs, oh so rare.
My dearest love, my heart's delight, Though we've had fights, it's all alright, For in your eyes I see such light, And in your arms I find respite.
Racism, a blight upon our world, A poison that has been unfurled, Injustice, hatred, fear and pain, A vicious cycle that we must restrain.
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } (June 2022)   The locked door broken open A knife in the bathroom Blood on bedsheets and towels
Lobster boats at sea. Fishers in yellow anoraks and  big black boots, looking like bees itching for a fight   Searching for traps left
"It all starts and ends with just one Friend, The One who takes you there and back... Again and again...over and, Forever more,  Always will be there at the door"
I promise to always lift you up When you are feeling down. I promise to wipe your tears When you feel you need to cry. I promise to keep you smiling To show off that beautiful smile you have. I promise to be your strength
i was looking out the window at a flock of pigeons in the factory district.patient a, a melancholic, was nodding off, kicking and crushing empty coca-cola cans that he had tied to his body.
It was 4 a.m on Friday When my thoughts all got lost It all seemed like a bad day As my memory appeared short deep and intense in thoughts My head began to spin, My hands couldn't feel a pin.
Walking on a street's path A distance as far as I've been back Lessons and retrospects carried in an heavy backpack Streets lights off standing tall under the sky's dark Dark as panther in a zoo or a park
My heart belongs to someone (God) And my soul has special one (holy Spirit) I'm totally taken by God our Jesus And I'm not available for Satan the Judas
It started with a kiss. A kiss that i never had before. From that sleepless nights When were together.
When i was young I dream of a perfect love. As i look up to the sky, i see myself having groom and being a bride.
Life is full of obstacle, Without obstacle life is useless. Everything has its purpose And everyone has to choose. Choose to live, be happy and love Its the only way we can, Appreciate life to its fullest.
Love! Thats the great beauty of life. We should know it because we feel it. So, its normally happened to each one of us. No one will be exempted, Even how the person elude this kind of feelings.
Rich people are lucky… Because they have money and power, To buy everything they want. They can also buy you if they want to. You know what… I am the luckiest person in the world.
I’m a person who can’t stand on my own. I need them and you. To breathe, to grow, to live long… in this world of darkness. Nobody can live without anyone in their sides,
Did you exist--before him?  Were you alive, were you put together, were you an unfathomably whole thing?   He’s a tinkerer, a marionettist.   
Pain  We are given love  to receve pain  by our mother and fathers we fail  Fail to see there love only their hate  They fail to see the hope we give  or the hope we lack 
I keep on thinking and reminding myself that I'm worthy, I have a purpose, I am strong  and I am loved   Every time they throw words on me It keeps on stinging and breaking my heart
A very happy man was I on a spring day, moving with a bask of inner joy. Then notice the agony of a Lily on a hay, Broken down within like a foil.
Girlfriend! Your man’s over here lookin like a real serial killah. How can I tell you this without havin to tell you every time his hand accidentally brushes my boob? ‘Cause as you well know, bitches hate the messenger.
So there we were, Hands upon the waves, glazing over the luminescence of fragile beings. You twirled me and made me laugh; it had been ages since I laughed; Freely, that is.
So there we were, Hands upon the waves, glazing over the luminescence of fragile beings. You twirled me and made me laugh; it had been ages since I laughed; Freely, that is.
So there we were, Hands upon the waves, glazing over the luminescence of fragile beings. You twirled me and made me laugh; it had been ages since I laughed; Freely, that is.
I don’t care if you’re scared,  so was Martin Luther King Jr.  I’m just here to say
Inspired by death too live harder, stronger, deaper, and longer. Death is dark--deap within the soul.  Jump in--show your soul the light.  Desire is born.    
A scurry in the wood I wonder if I should Smile and stay around Or leave the sacred ground   Here live nature's creatures Some are big and some small Untouched by our world
What does it mean to be inspired? Inpiration can be found in a place you feel safe, a person you look up to, an item with a lot of meaning. 
Crying, kicking, screaming Tired of the yelling In the car and to the office Face to face; eyes burning It will be ok At least that's what I said I don't want to do it I'll never be better
Lights up, curtains drawn Audience cheers, music starts Movement flows within.   I take my first breath, And lift my head anxiously,
Some say love is enough to keep two together, but why is our love not enough to keep us forever. Are we not strong enough? Did we not fight enough? Why is the world so cruel to keep us apart. Is our love not enough?
My mother once told me, “When someone is worth your time, you’ll know it”. By this point in my life, I had already wasted days of my time on countless boys who didn’t give me a millisecond.
Billy laughed and played, Having fun with the other kids. I asked why they were happy. They didn’t understand.   Justin was on the swings.
I have been kissed by thorns and by pink roses I have smelled like pure love and smelled like pure loathing The thorns I saw, shrugged off and pretended to forget
I tell the tale of a family violent and free and unpredictable  No soul would believe they existed in our everyday lives 
The truth is... I don’t know what love means. Seriously. What is this thing we humans call "love"?
Love. A spiritual odyssey. Looking back,  I always wanted to give you all of me. In the beginning,  my distance was something you never understood.
Hard to say goodbye to you  But this is the only word, that I can say to you  After all the happiness and tears with you all along  A big step in my life that I have to do    Letting you go away in my life
  “Basic white chick” this is what I usually get stereotyped as because I’m a blonde white girl I get called dumb, and stupid just because of the color of my hair
Why am I lost for words, and you can make complete sentences? Why do my legs feel so weak, And you can leap over fences?
Flowers on the grave Written on the stone Today we have lost a dear, dear soul What was once gold is now coal As he lies here in this peach coffen We remember that all souls go to either one heaven or hell
Beware Diana!Those pieces are really precarious, Freshly spilt blood still solemnly presiding over. Her fist is imbrued with potion of freedom. Hey moron tiles! Better hymn your business.
Let my silence narrate thy herasy Truth being slayed by grim reality
There is no end in site. Stereotypes exist because of..: Muslims who blow things up, Christians who wrongfully judge,
They  called me Boy but not in the way you think. The parents hadn’t picked out a middle name. The hospital needed the paperwork thus the tag. Looking back , I’m not certain if that was a lie or 
We never really “grow up”. We always have the little kid from yesterday still there in our heads. He’s just learning different stories.
Before giving your love away to someone else, learn to love yourself.  
The screams of children, running and play. Accros the monkey bars, and swings we played.   We were all alike to the aduts that monitored, we were children they'd say.
Stomachs when they will, will so: that smell may happily happen by, by the by. Why come ye mouthful of wows, and of lips gone round? Run out of wine and time then wear frown.
I'm riding in front of you. Hopefully you can SEE me. In my rearview I see you holding your phone in front of your face.
Missed a deadline on scholarship applications                               on college applications Then, that seemlingly dead line from my Dad     "Nobody stays a kid forever," turned into a lifeline
A child looks in a mirror observing a young man straightening his tie for work. .erutuf sih fo suoivilbo dlihc a gnivresbo rorrim a ni skool nam gnuoy A The child spoke about how easy and fun his life must be.
Five. Disneyland, princesses, and stuffed animals. Ten. Elementary school, firends, and drama.  13? High school. Sports teams. Classes.  15? Fear... Judgement... Silence... 17...
He spots Her; She notices. He's so fucking hot! She's so damn fine! They meet, they flirt, they hit it off. The pups develop "feelings" for eachother. They hook up, date and fuck.
you said you changed, "i am different,", you said this after coming home from jail, I, only three, felt deep hatred for the first time, i was lied to, by the one person i trusted most,
Hurt, she left, the one person you thought you could depend on, your sister, she's gone, forever, you Hurt, it's unbearable, the Pain,  like a thousand tiny needles poking through
Maria, 16 She’s walking home from school So youthful, so innocent Just like they like them Next to her a car slows down How peculiar, don’t you think? Then something happens
Flowers were blooming and big changes coming By June you would be free But May took you away fom us Away from me   "I'll be back in two years" thats what you told me "I'll be famous by then"
I practice 18 hours a week, but my nerves are uncontrollable, My palms sweat, My eye twitches, My coach barks orders at me, I shuffle my feet, I itch my leg, I wait for the judge to salute me,
"what your biggest fear?"reads the paper above. you remember the ache in your chest, not a few months backwhen you had spiraled down and slipped through the cracksyou remember the down you had hit years agothe doctor said it would come againit tur
Fear welling up inside.He loved me. He lied.My heart wretchedly aches,But he is just fine.  
It’s about time, I’ve been expecting you. Where have you been? Was the notion of receiving endearment such a dreadful thing that you ran away from me?
When I see xy+5 = y I see college algebra I know it's easy But my head spins round and round I feel like I'll pass out and probably die   From graphs to quadratics 
Those who can and can't  Those who CAN speak Those who CAN'T speak Those who do and don't Those who DO speak Those who DON'T speak Those who will and won't Those who WILL speak
Call me Elliot That's my name Unusual, yes but all the same A rebel cry against the gods My future present, despite all odds   Call me Elliot Take my hand A crashing wave against the sand
People say we fear what we don’t know And I was scared of big words. Scared they made me look stupid.
  I watch your beautiful opulent green leaves every morning You, my muse, filled my heart with happiness In your benevolence you gave a place for the bird to sing
Feeling sorrow as if it were my own  My heart endures and fills with emotion  as if it were a glass of wine on a Sunday evening It's quite beautiful, the raw tissue, the scars, the strength withheld
I am the broken silence The one you left behind The cracked brush and dried gel The burned hands The ones who worked for everything the white man and woman were easily given I am the kinky hair
Even with seven chidren I'm your eighth I'm not related but I am yours I am not a replacment nor are you to me but you're my second father and always will be. I can trust you
my life is going to keep moving with or without you,  I really hope it’s with you but know I can do without you.  You asked me if I would die for you  and I told you... hoping your soul was listening too..
When hearing the phrase "O Captain, My Captain" I can only think of one person to fit this criteria. Robin Williams is and was the only person to accurately portray what it was like to struggle
Picture Have to get his picture don’t know his name never seen him before today He needs to be punished They won’t put in the effort without a name
In this world I do not understand I have found there are many things to love The earth, the wind, the sky, the beauty and everything that exists above   There are many things to love
10 feet The distance from my desk to yours I don’t know that for sure But it’s a close enough guess You and the other girls used to chase the boys at recess But you say That you only did it for Joseph
I notice you. I notice how you sit as though your on top of the world, and aren't afraid of falling. 
I hesitate. Replaying your comment in my head. Say something. Say anything. Speak up. Speak OUT. But enough though I want to, I don't say anything.   I don't.
All I wanted... I’m just tryna make it through I’m just tryna make a better way  I’m just trying to see you through Nobody knew the pain, all they seen is what they wanted
Fingers to type, Typing to composing,  Composing a masterpiece to  Master peace within one's self. I call this pen therapy, where the words flow as they take care of me.  Slave to the pen.
I'm verified I mean on twitter and IG, not on life I mean it's just like: to get that blue check☑ on your profile Celebrity status is the main price No real difference between getting heard or being known
A WOMAN UNLIKE NO OTHER. Who first had her eyes on me, who first saw my imperfections and all, who showed me love and acceptance and helped me stand tall, my very first best friend.
(alternately titled random axe of violence)   I calculated an average of ~10.16.... deaths per year of mass school shootings since Columbine, a morbid benchmark where,  
I try to calm down.     This is fine.     I'm fine. "Don't be sad," she says.     I'm not sad.     I'm scared.     Frustrated.      Confused. She doesn't listen.
'Is it worthwhile All this suffering?' Asked the devil. The angel smiled 'Of course! It's a lesson Taught by life for future.' 'Why though, is life Trying so damn hard?' I ruminated
My phone used to ring At 11:55 PM Every single night For some lovely months, But at this 11:55 PM, Ringing has ceased               Because I asked for it to. At 11:55 PM,
A bit of a pain in the arse Already at the brink The time clock is at rush hour But the heart still beats
A question I askDear readerSearch the lowly recessesOf your mindAs I bring forthA questionOf a passionThat promisedTo be unendingOnly to haveThe promise brokenLike glass
If waking up was such a nightmare, Then why go to sleep, Cause every night we pray to God, You have our souls to keep, But when our feelings come around,
Our father tells me to never stop loving you,  for you will always be my sister.  But I no longer know what I feel for you, some days I miss your presence but other days I hate you. 
          Poetries are just life lessons aesthetically put together for the young souls.                    
Dear Our World,
Dear future, love my past:  
Why do you say it's Wrong- When it is SO RIGHT! Why do I live in fear  as if someone has already whispered in your ear. ALL things that I DO. Wrong, RIGHT. I don't know. Fight for it. YES
these shoes i wear are worn are comfortable are inescapable   these shoes I were  are my cage my security blanket my go to   these shoes I were are awful at times
Dear Mother and Father, <br /> <br />
I cant seem to rectify a life without you here Will never comprehend how your soul could disappear So here's another tear Im sitting back just wishing i could have another dream to hear your voice that I endear
Dear Me:   You’re finding steps where steps didn’t used to be I admire that, I really do Days have gotten harder and you’re still Finding smiles where you couldn’t There isn’t a rhyme scheme anymore
Love is what you give me like ever before. As I think about my past I wonder did I really earn the love you give me. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be good enough.
Words fucking hurt. I don’t care if you don’t know the girl you’re talking to I don’t care if you don’t know the boy you’re talking to. But let me tell you something,
Hello. Please, don't get your hopes up. This is NOT a love letter.  This is a letter to say goodbye. Goodbye to the days of whimpering with fear, everytime you stepped near.
dear anxiety,   you have been with  me for what feels  like eons, now.   you have whispered honey-coated words that have stuck  to my ears like the syrup
To the woman who has an eventful life- One of eleven kids, a crazy Roman Catholic family A woman who always had to fight Who can still play ball like no bodys business -the skill that was your ticket out (almost)
What makes up a bully? What makes them commit to hurting other people? Why, is the biggest question... You may assume they are born like this You may guess what their life is like at home But you don't know
Being black..... 
Going to college isn’t a requirement Going to college is most definitely a privilege Going to college is a privilege I believe all KidsShould partake inGoing to college in our society is seen as a GrammyGoing to college is a Grammy because now you
Bright lights glare down on the exhausted team. Hours before scholars and writers, Now sweat-soaked, passionate, intense fighters. Floor burns, bruises, all part of the sport
Laura Weidemann November 30th 2017 Prompt-Write a letter as your future self to yourself now.  To Younger self in 2017,
Tell me your passions. Tell me your fears. Tell me about a time when you were young, reckless, and crazy. Tell me the dumbest thing you've ever done and how embarrassed you felt. Tell me something you would never usually tell just anyone.
People ask me why I stay up all night in the pouring rain or climb on the roof at midnight with a bottle of vodka in one hand and a pack of cigarettes in the other. They ask me why I cover myself with ink or take 2 a.m.
She is a crazy sun. She's weird, talkative, and has a bright personality. Never a dull moment with her. But she can make me feel old, this friend.
Sweet Baby Blue, you're a beautiful soul. They underestimate you. They push you to your limits. They tell you what path you should take in life. They tell you to chase what they believe is sure to be a better outcome than to follow your heart.
In 2016, I was in my own world. A place where I don't feel crazy, misunderstood, or just old. In my world, it always rained and I danced hand in hand with my old, gypsy soul and became a better version of myself as time went on.
Oh it's you.  Hello again! I know, it's been so long, it's so nice to see you! What do you think? I've barely been holding myself together.  Are you kidding, I've never been better! How's the wife?
My whole life was like a constant match.      I managed to win them all with a either a bruise or a scratch. I was a child who couldn’t speak, read, or write.         
Pool Boy, You were just a boy, sixteen years young - (blank) neighbor. (Blank) demons derive from our paths crossing when (Blank) was 4. The day was hot, wearing nothing but the trainning bra and
I hope you know that within our hearts the ones you gave us through birth and nurture that even though we did not have fancy vacations or expensive materials that with your love
To mother: The one who poured her blood and sweat upon the bedsheets of my childhood-- the rustic floors, threatening to give way, An apology long due.  
Love, a strange feeling that I've never met, now thrives in my veins because of you How gracefully it fell upon me, seeking to awaken my soul
Because I love you, I will Explore the depths of who you truly are, Care for you, Acknowledge your imperfections and show you
I was born on July 6th, 1999 That makes me a cancer. I don’t know what that means, But about a week before I met you
From the moment you opened your eyes, I knew my whole world would change. All my woes and sorrows disappeared, As I heard your first Cries.
We bring out the worst in each other And you could never convince me that By being with you I become the best version of myself This may surprise you but You brighten my day Is a false statement 
Mother is strength and love Father is...disappeared Mother is strength and love     separation Grandparents are strength and love Mother is struggle and guilt      chaos and addiction
The Pen That Stab Me   1 “ Go to school! It’s the key!” “ Pick up your pen!” “ Let me teach you!” “ This is the law!”
Because I love you is what you say, yet black and blue, is the color you, choose for me to wear today. I keep asking "how does a bruise, show you care in any way", but you refuse, to not abuse, or to let me run away..........
Love The most powerful word in the universe. Children  The most powerful people in the world. Creating our future, Changing our world for the better. There are some though,
Wandering beyond adventure in intellectually spiritually incline being to have a positive outreach on each encounter a genuine joy in each moment in life living sometimes learn yet grace comes with peace of mind be a gem that gathers it's beauty f
As I turn my face to meet the world, the world meets me and I, with glorious bewilderment, turn away. I cannot meet my demise, my master, with equal eyes. Mine eyes are only
You're an illusion      that blind the                        poor fragile soul                Would you end up being him? He who bleeds his own      cry
I had an idea of you in my mind. I thought I could change you.  I thought I could be the person you needed.  I was mistaken.   You said that you liked me. You kept me around as a backup.
The first time our eyes met we felt a connection Automatic, we drove straight into adolescent affection Our love was forbidden, everything was kept hidden From the eyes of others our love was objectionable
Remember the love we had at the beginning? Compare it to now. You notice how we became closer together? It's like nothing can separate us.   I know from the bottom of my heart that if you ever did something
What's love without a lover? A queen without her king? Joker without his Harley? Their mind without their sanity?   A true bond was made the day we met I didn't hold back
The day I learned about falling, I was just a normal kid Who had just learned to ride a bike. My mother was by my side, Cleaning my scraped knee. She wiped the tears from my face
Can I have your number baby girl?          Yes, amor. Can I be your man beautiful?          Yes, amor.
Crybabyy_bunny   Because I love you, Your strengths have became my weakness Because I love you, I would go the extra mile of hanging with your friends
A blank sky screams A boy runs to it His feet plod off against ice-ground It is screaming too Now the screaming has dimmed
The hand on my cheek should be gentleNot rough. The look in your eyes should be cordialNot forbidding. The words you speak should be filled with loveNot anger.
We grow up hearing the excuse "I do this because I love you."  
Becuase I love you I will always tell the truth Even if it hurts Becuase I love you I will do my best to respect your boundaries and I'm sorry if I ever cross that line
I have a black friend  And I have a white friend 
as Christians you must know that we are excellent We are the excellence of Christ to our world His righteousness Perfect in Him Complete in Him
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When you loved me, We ruled the world. A king and his queen, Our love was unfurled.   But I was no queen; I was your slave. I was too friendly, Not what you would crave.  
At first, I hated you so But I guess I just didn't know That later in life, When I would face so much strife, That the both of you Would be the first thing that I would turn to. Despite my tears,
Straight out of my mother's womb, all I see is darkness.. Watching fireworks shooting from one horizon to another filled me with so many joys, but then I realized that it was bullets.
Women are unable to fight Only to cook with delight To put a smile up on the face To show that we embrace What others have said   My father was drafted into the war
planting myself into those cold dark corners, thinking about all my gone good friends, Gone I mean gone, now living together at 6th floor. Starting from Emeka, Joy, Kelvin, Nnenna And not even one of those that despise me.
Happily ever after. But would there be any happiness in my ever after? He took me away with a future set unknown He showed me He loves me  He says his heart  really wants me.
Once upon a time. Cinderella was kept as a tool in a house all alone. She could do it all cook clean keep it under control. Her sanity, at least.
Dear Babe Confidentially, I'm tired   19 years old Damn country Fight for and die if need be  
All around are people, too Busy to Care about anything except the moment they are in, too Distracted to notice that they are not the only ones that Exist. They do not have the time to see the world
The tale of the Tortured Heart begins with one, to be graceful in beauty and soul... Could catch the attention of all, but has yet to learn how to act. Beauty fades in the tales of time,
~PRIDE~ To ‘P’ I am prosperousI don’t mingle with the poorFor they are just too impecuniousI am the wealthy mountain, they are the lowly floor
A plethora of people from everywhere have seen it unfortunately, but will they ever feel it, live it, breathe it, or know it? I know I live it and am a nominee, but have not physically endured it - thank God.
As I stand here and watch, Watch my friends sell drugs, Sell Drugs because they were left behind in school. School system needs to change, Change for the kids. Kids with no bright ideas,
I recall looking in her eyes deep green wells avoiding mines I sipped from my cold tasteless cup; she's started wearing makeup and hiding freckles, maybe I should too, to cover all my lies;
STOP LOOKIN’ AT ME LIKE THAT!!   By: Cody Burnette   Stop lookin’ at me like that! I’ve graduated top of my class
Who could love such a beast you might ask But you are wrong to be asking For you should love with your heart Not those brown eyes That you use to see through everything but my heart
Promise to keep your hearts safe and caged by the ribs that surround it We are mean't to feel more loved and cared for at our difficult times A worry free life is a life we dream but sometimes our lives isn't what it seems
You and I we´re made of broken glass broken dreams broken hope bitter dust burnt to ashes stuck in a timelapse of what we could have been  could´ve done should´ve said
America.Red, White, and Blue. The nation I live in, and so do you.The symbol to be free. All the red blood shed, by the whites in blue. You're choking me,I cannot breathe,What wrong did I do?Pushed down to the street.Beat my face in, pulled my arm
This world is full of trickery with mindsets that dance to such audio deceptionand brains that do not use much of its visual perception and if it did then your eyes would be open 
March 3, 2017: This everlasting darkness has really taken its toll on me I don't think I can control myself anymore This is spiraling out of control So fast that I can't even keep track of wherever I used to be 
March 6, 2017: Sorrowful living is a long, desolate path It’s where you’ll never really feel complete, but you don’t do much to fight it Because, though you just want to be happy, you don’t know where to begin
March 9, 2017:   We're continuing on this journey of self discovery and fullfilment We know we're lost, we know we'll probably never truly find ourselves We spent our teenage years trying to escape our depression
Just because I am gayDon’t think I like you, I like hot guysDon’t think I can’t judge women, I am not blindDon’t think I am weak, I am stronger than youJust because I am gayIt doesn’t mean I am not supported, I receive even more support than youIt
O time, you bittersweet rival. An elusive assassin of life, wanderer without death. A beginning that cannot bee conceived, An existence best considered imaginary. Of you I have mine own,
Seasons   Spring Sun shining through my window Green fields of grass like a blanket Purple flower lost inside of a rainbow
I'm walk-walk-walking past the school I should call my own.  I was kicked out of the school close to my home.  Now I walk past head down, tears flowing because my skin is darker then theirs. 
Slumber  Written by: Luis F. González De Jesús           I was looking at your eyes seeing your wonder, was only just a dream that made me woke up. 
There’s been memories you left for me in the bottom of our sink, Dirty bowls hold oceans of long gone breakfast meals Filthy plates keep stories of dinner all alone.   I hear the floorboards whisper stories of us
my Mind was young, innocent, and hopeful the prospects of Life shone brightly in front of me but Tragedy struck; rapidly, abruptly
I walk out of the house with fear. What if they find out? I walk through the town, I see the signs. Signs of the past
Every year starts with a resolution for many, but for me it was an epiphany. First some humor; resolution broken down is, "re-solution,"
They prayed for you to succeed in all you do But what are you supposed to do When all you do Is make people proud? There is nothing that speaks to you And they speak to you
Last year was the year of depressionThe sinking feeling overcoming your entirety Panic attacks and pills on a roofI just watched it slipBut I am deserving After 19 years I realize nowTo believe in how special I amI have to stay positive Bad things
Tiana, Why do you fail to see yourself when your reflection is right in front of you? Why is it that you don't realize your self worth? You need to STOP letting the opinions of others change your view,
Why do I feel distressed? For my opulence, Luxury or success.   Look,  I did nothing wrong I was born,
It started and ended with many thoughts Pondering my day in the shower: What to do in life? What is wrong? What was that song I heard on the radio called? Is he thinking about me?  
If I could have three wishes, I wouldn't want much. I wish people would let me make my own choices, Sometimes you have to take risk. Whatever you want you fight to get.
A year wasted in thinking A year wasted in not believing A year wasted in worrying           A year wasted in doubt A year filled with nothing but thoughts and no execution
Why Can't I Be Like...   There comes a time where everyone does or has something   While I just sit and look around at what's going on.   Knowing that I can't
Say goodbye to sleep  We fall deeper into stress Take away the pain   
A year ago... the thought brings me pain it reminds me of who I was selfish, lost, angry, sad. Who was I?I was a shell of who I am apathetic and blind to hope. Then my love met me in the summer
Life isn't meant to be all beautiful and happy and full of excitement. Sometimes life if going to be dark and dull and full of disapointments. lifes not a fairytail or a movie or a dream.
Her heart is frozen. She feeds off tears. She belives in fear before love. Love isn't for her. Shes careless. Her only kriptonite is happiness. Shes cold-hearted. She stabs people in the back with her cold blades. She lives for heart break.
Fake a smile, force a laugh. Every breath I take makes me feel so broken. Hide the pain, wipe the tears. I'm trying to pretend it won't happen again. Swin in thoughts, drown is secrects. Some things are better left unsaid.
Life's a game I have to play. Heads or tail? Nevermind. your going to loose either way. Game over! But maybe thats were it all started. Its three AM and im wide awake. Nothing to do but think. Dads paying time, moms paying bills.
I was always inside. I didn't know what it was like outside. I was in my own world. I loved being inside. Or maybe thats just my excuse from leaving. I always stayed inside. Watching people go outside was tempting, But I kept inside.
A year goes by Overwhelming emotions that feel as if the world is exploding As the year goes by, I don’t notice myself slowly changing  A year of love
He picked her with affection, Because he adore how lovely she is as a flow’r. He was enchanted to meet her, And the way she caress her petals. He picked her meticulously, Because she is one of a kind.
“Practice makes perfect…” she told herself as she tangled her legs between his. That’s what she was taught, the motto running through her head. She didn’t want to be this person; the one that falls into bed to push the pain away.
5:00 AM Five more minutes ...
I'm becoming narcissitic but I think that's okay When before I couldn't see myself and honestly say, "Girlfriend, you are lookin pretty foxy today," Because my insecurities refused to be kept at bay,
Mornings Truthfully Told D.C. Gonzalez   If I told you truthfully what makes the tiles behind my lips show,
When we started off, I was all too worried. Hoping your son would grow to like me and that you would be comfortable with a new man in your lives.
I am LGBT  by: Jose Avila Lara   I wonder, "Who's out there? Who's coming? Where can I hide?". I hear, "Judgement, Hipocritizism, Discrimination".  I see, "Scared souls', Lost souls', Many Tears". 
as you start age daily, you learn the dissimilarities between right and wrong: what is accepted by this temporary home and what is not.
I see I wonder, bullets being fired For money or for war Talented ones being hit, others are the poor Some say sorry, some keep running It comes to the jury, to say it's last word
Love at first sight does it truly exist?  I’ve heard them say it’s true But I never believed in it until the day I met you It was all so subtle  Florida’s rays beating down against my back
If we had world enough, and time, we'd ditch this town and get lost in this beautifully dangerous realm. The beaches and woods do not overwhelm, and enters the chance to explore.
I’m not a poet, I thought.   I can write short stories           and I can write novels           (I tried to write novels, never finished)
Classes were easy and I was quiet life was going and going but it all stopped Cancer hit the family I was at a loss for words   Teachers taught and students learned
35 mph. Why am I here. 42 mph. I am nothing. 57 mph. Everyone would be happier. I’m a miserable person. 64 mph. I can’t. I can’t I can’t I can’t anymore.
You're my first love. That's all I can even say. You make me smile and giggle and... And nothing has ever made me feel this way. It scares me. I'm scared I'll turn into her.
There is nothing worse than betrayal, because it signals the end of a friendship. You claim I betrayed you, but I did no such thing. After all, I'm not the backstabber. I'm not the trash talker. I'm not the cheater.
Life was always easy Everyday a new adventure Going to the park or exploring the yard No worries no stress Just her and the bright blue sky That was before the storm Now the grass is dead
It takes me back to when I was young, Bold. Fearless, and told to “Rub some dirt in it,” Before being fit into a mold And told That this is what life is.
There was this time I wanted to die, nobody listened, and bitterly angry tears flowed as I cried alone. Then I found a notebook and a pen, I remember the first stroke, feeling human again. Oh how I wanted to die.
My dad always insisted That he was called Papa. He told me this, I believe, Because that’s what he calls his dad.   My dad has a life That always puts him in danger.
I know you feel like a failure. I know this wasn’t your plan. Going into your fifth year of school left you hurting, disappointed, ashamed. Oh so ashamed.
four months ago we came to a close, you came into my room and said "you have a lot of books in here." you ended it, and we lay for fifteen minutes, with you holding me as i held my tears in. 
These walls Have eyes. They watch my every move and take note. Where I go.  What I feel. My silence. My voice. Do I deserve this constant monitor? Or is it a trap?
And here you are a writer, an artist, a musician, infinitely original and endowed with a sensibility that is charming, while also far beyond the understanding of the vulgar.I am a thinker, a writer, a poet, a dreamer, a clown, a genius, a goofball
In school we learn so many things We learn the rules, the terms, the strings. We learn what is wrong and how to get it right. We learn the facts that have governed life In math we get the formulas to solve
Hello Facebook friends You know I like you And I know ya’ll like me too   Thank you for the birthday love No cake and candles
In this world home is somewhere safe. A place Many people spend all their day without caring... what half don’t know is it can be taken away not just by force but by choice.
Words unite the world Without undrstnding we are one The words around us have flown to our hearts Without seeing we have learned by hearing But the real question is : where did these words come from?
  The day he left was the day it all started That day I decided to tread into waters uncharted. I acknowledged how fun it was to be a sight that men drool to see
Poetry is more than elaborate word play and a mad flow  More than hearts ripped off of sleeves and transfered to paper It is more than fear and fantasy  Insecurity and heartbreak Happiness and sorrow
It was a discordant ray of praises and worship songs of joy and glory But the most glaring person present was the one I never wanted in my present A bright yellow shirt, how fitting?
My Mom has blessed me with a lifetime of precious knowlege and gifts that only a Mother could, and that is what I do not want to ever have to think of doing without, and who I would want by my side during the harshest of circumstances, as she is s
Scared, worried, alone; Emotions flooding my concious.  These feelings won't subside. Almost like waves crashing against the shore, Of that lonley island I sat on.   My world is turning,
  I am sitting in this house, as alone as I could possibly be at the moment. Trying, no, scraping my brain to think of what could possibly be my number one need.                                                                    
Eating was hard, breathing was hard. But living was the hardest part.  
10 Things I Wish I Could've Told You... but never did.  
I am not cliche when asked "What can you not live without?" and I say, "Her"   For she smiles when I'm near and her innocent laugh is the reason I love her.
We lived freely and we lived happily Optimistic for what would come next We spoke of anything and everything So dull moments could not exist We never feared of screw ups It was high flying through it all
There are shadows Down the hall In the corner On the walls   Words are shallow I hear voices Some are deep Most are small   They direct me And inform me
Going from hallway to hallway facing each demons' twisted face. "Why are they laughing" "Why are they whispering" "Are they talking about me?" Questions never spoken aloud.  
Years are drifting by, Life is passing through, Pain and sorrow surrounding you, We surpass the challenges, Only for new ones to form, We raise our hands, In hopes that everything will be okay,
I've got a face caked in makeup, and sweat pooling in my palms. I make last second prop checkups, and nerves have me forgetting verses from Psalms.  The curtain rises as the lights go up.
Quest for Prosperity Hello there citizens of Hinesville, GA and all of Liberty County, and citizens of the Earth.
Music I can feel it in me   To sense my hands on musical instruments like piano or guitar is the freest feeling for me to have.  
Music I can feel it in me   To sense my hands on musical instruments like piano or guitar is the freest feeling for me to have.  
The will to live  Determined within Needing that one thing We all strive to get Each and everyday We want to be happy There isn't much else  What good is anything If you can enjoy it
  To the people who said they were my friends then completely ruined me: Thank you.   Thank you for totally destroying my ability to trust anyone.
Why are they so happy It’s not like he’s coming back I think this is dumb   They are all really old Like, boarding on ancient
In your life, the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” Is something you’ll hear a lot  
Messed up mixture Written By: Ashley Young   Why can't we all just be non belligerent?
                                                       All I Need All I need is someone to talk to. Someone to rant to. And someone to care.
My family is my life, My reason for existence, The reason I want to strive and achieve, I could do without food or water, or the little necessities,
Why bully? Why put others down to make you feel untroubled? Day after day it's like a routine, making others feel abandoned. Not because you want to, but because you must. But why?
Inanimate objects are the strive for empty feelingIn a void of a preconditioned milieu Addiction flourishes in this Skinner Box of incentivized need wherein the commodity breeds the commoditized manA philistine in need is unlettered indeed in the
Society is crippling, tainting our vision.Painting an image, imitating a perfect picture.Perceiving a standard every woman should meet.Pitting woman against woman in the race to be "beat".  
Pretty face, heart not yet stone; run the world but feel alone. Heartless friends are what I know; if they care it doesn’t show. Always giving all my heart, always loyal from the start. Change my looks change my ways anything to make them stay.
Read me a storygrasp me in tightrecall your bedtime luxuriesthat befall be a Goodnight.I'm still waiting. .
My emotions feel just as dainty as paper, Even though I want to be as strong as steel -- I want to be f***ing unbreakable. I'm overwhelmed with being hurt. Scratching my arms and face open until I
It’s funny to think about school, and how the goal is to prepare you for the real world. To mold your mind with a strict curriculum so you can be imaginative and think for yourself. 
I am not my chronic illness. I am not hospitals Or handfuls of prescription medicine. I am not my monthly dose of Remicade. I am not my doctor,
Cascading inward cutting amble down across sticks   Into the blacked, moonlit night Creating an orchestra throughout the forests from mountain to sea consisting only of chirps      and clicks
 I like to call myself vicious and ferocious because I assume the real me is evil I laugh when I want to  I cry when I want to I share my stories when I want to Because the inner devil in me portrays the real me
     RACISM   I'm a black You are a white The color doesn't really matter You are rich I'm  poor
Everyone says I'm a good person,Everyone says I have a kind heart,But they don't know everything I've done.They don't know that instead of sweet, I'm actually tart.
Who I am, you can not see You can not see the girl within To you, my smile reflects my joy My solemn look reflects my pain But you could not be more wrong. For I am forced to wear a mask
    Starting, Knowing less. Growing, Learning more. Some things will never be forgotten. Somethings never unlearned. My story of myself still untold.
People identify themselves by what they see, and who they are near. I must be violent, coarse and rugged, I must be angry, broke and thuggish,  I can't be forgiving let alone loving. 
Looking back to the me who listened only to her heart, The me who turned off the voices from others, The me who focused only on what she wants, And only looked towards her dreams,
BY MARGARET ATWOOD Your lungs fill & spread themselves,
A magical portal in a closet leads to a different world.
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