Wrestling With The Odds

My whole life was like a constant match.

     I managed to win them all with a either a bruise or a scratch.

I was a child who couldn’t speak, read, or write.         

      And everyday I would get into a fight.

Whether it was in the streets, bus, parks and in the school.                   

There was always a fool

getting under my skin

I learned to be the bigger man and not let them win

When I was young I lacked the understanding of the world around me.

That didn’t stop me from going where I wanna be.

Grades were low, relationships were bad.

I felt like I kept getting body slammed into the mat.        

But this experience actually made me glad.              

This made me realize that this was making me strong.

So I developed the habit of proving people wrong.

Being switched from one program to another.          

 This helped me one way and the other.

 I grew up physically and mentally even academically.

  I never ever thought that this would become my reality.

To turn my disability into an ability.

Used to always think no one was understanding me.

I used to always feel like I was beat.

Surprisingly I’d always kick out before the count of three

Even though these challenges and conflicts were tough I never quit.

Even when I used to throw fits.

I felt like I was in a bottomless pit.

Fortunately my loved ones took me under their wings

My life quickly went from winter to spring.

Right away I began my destiny to be the king of the ring.

Everything I came to face was like wrestling match.

Which I finished with either a bruise or a scratch.

After years of being anti social.

Time went on I became more social.

After years of getting low grades

I began to develop and upgrade

Like an arcade

I even blew up like a grenade.  

Everyday when I went to my classes

I was more focused than the midnight masses

People doubted me and tried burn me to ashes.

Like always I lit a fire up under their asses.

Despite my struggles I really came a long way.

This year I’m coming close to graduate.

Coming from an autistic setting to inclusion

           Success became my solution.         

Graduation is my conclusion.

                 Nothing ever became an intrusion.

           I am unique, one of a kind just like you all.

    I’m like a solider still standing tall.

Like the great  wall.

  That will never ever fall.         

Until the day I become deceased

From this day on I will continue to increase

I take that to the north, west and south east.

            I have autism and I say it loudly

 I accomplished a lot and I say it proudly

 I’ve gone through so much, those times were tough

I am appreciated by many that's more than enough  

My whole life I’ve gone through many obstacles        

All of my success they will be in the articles.               

My whole life I have faced many battles and beat them                 


I have stumbled a lot but I am still walking tall.

    The match is tough and it often can be hell .

But the fight isn’t over til you have heard a bell.

Everyday I gotta wrestle my odds

Whether it's against one or an entire squad.

Like always I do my best not to lose

My intensity and intelligence is what I put to use.

My whole life is like being in the ring.

Because I go out there and just do my thing.

Everything I face I put it out to in the center to lay

With a pin fall ONE TWO THREE and have a nice day





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