This is NOT a love letter


Please, don't get your hopes up.

This is NOT a love letter. 

This is a letter to say goodbye.

Goodbye to the days of whimpering with fear,

everytime you stepped near.

Goodbye to the fists and the looks and the sneers.

You see, my dear,

you contolled my life.

You ruled over me,

without me being your wife. 

Not once did you look at me with love. 

You only looked down on me, to give me a shove.

When I cried, you laughed and said I was weak.

You laughed everytime you critiqued my physique.

You were nothing but a toxic potion.

Waiting for me to taste you, and then drown in your ocean.

Ocean of lies,

ocean of secrets.

ocean of cries,

ocean of bleakness.


I hope you are treating your new friends nicely,

all though that seems highly unlikely. 

You deserved the pain that you gave

but you got it worse,

lying in your grave.

Don't forget to tell the devil I said hi.

All I will say to you is one sour good-bye.


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