Only Inside

A year wasted

in thinking

A year wasted

in not believing

A year wasted

in worrying          

A year wasted

in doubt

A year filled with nothing but thoughts and no execution

It’s like a wanting to do something

A want to follow your dreams

A want to become someone

And being so close

That doubt creeps in and whatever hope within is lost

It’s like knowing in yourself you can do so much but


Fear is what held me back

Fear is what made me not take risks      

Fear of change…

A complete change that can be for good

The hardest thing for man to accept

And facing it alone makes it much scarier

2016 was fear to be my real self

Fear of that CHANGE

December 2016 I found what I was searching for


Realization of only one life

only one shot

only one opinion

I tell fear I’m ready to face it

Nerves yes, anxiousness yes, excitement yes.

Yes to everything but fear

I’m ready for that change…

Hope you are too.

Speak the truth…


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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