10 feet

The distance from my desk to yours

I don’t know that for sure

But it’s a close enough guess

You and the other girls used to chase the boys at recess

But you say

That you only did it for Joseph


0.8 miles

The distance from your house to mine

When you walked back into my life years later

We lived in a different city 

Nowhere near the kindergarten class where we first met 

You can say what you want about fate

But I think mine 

Looks a lot like you


194 feet

The distance from my front steps to yours

When you finally moved

Just two houses away

The place we spent so much time in

The only house I’ve ever had a sleepover with a girl in

Where we made cookies 

And so many memories


1771 miles 

The distance from my house in Phoenix Arizona to yours in Louisville Kentucky

In the time that I’ve consciously known you 

We’ve never been further

But that hasn’t stopped us

From talking about everything 

The good 

And the bad


We’ve talked for a year straight

Sometimes it’s just a quick hello

Sometimes it’s a full fledged catch up session

But no matter how near 

Or far you are

I’ll be right here 

Loving you 

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