four months later

Fri, 06/03/2016 - 02:16 -- hjt2000

four months ago we came to a close,

you came into my room and said "you have a lot of books in here." you ended it,

and we lay for fifteen minutes, with you holding me as i held my tears in. 

four months ago you left my house in that saab of yours,

and i collapsed on the floor, all the parts of me i held together fell apart, and my mother

running up the stairs.

three months ago i heard the rumors,

that you'd tried to cheat on me, but the girl had some respect,

and you left me for your ex.

three months ago i confronted you about it,

and you denied it, telling me "you know what kind of guy i am."

i still don't know if i should believe you or not.

two weeks ago you texted me,

hopeless and desperate, heartbroken

by the girl you left me for.

two weeks ago i decided life was too short to hold grudges.

two hours ago i started thinking about us,

wondering what we'd be like if we hadn't ended.

looking at old pictures, listening to the music you always played

as we drove down the road in your old weird lovable car.

two minutes ago i started to write about us,

and now i'll wonder if i miss you or the memories.


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