Paradigms and Emptiness

Wed, 12/16/2015 - 02:08 -- Hokum

Inanimate objects are the strive for empty feelingIn a void of a preconditioned milieu Addiction flourishes in this Skinner Box of incentivized need wherein the commodity breeds the commoditized manA philistine in need is unlettered indeed in the feed of the vicissitudes of history.Heed the pale white horse of tunneled lightFeeding off the last breath of human hope We assert this creed of heavenly glows ensconced in a scintillating dream-pipe'Tis nothing but a pipe-dream to prosper in the shadows of daft misgivings of imperialisticHeights coupled with those posterity inducing events of the whims of manGreed, power, love, is all but a ticking time-bomb in the hourglass of sandPoof! Be gone from the vague abuses of the ego, the dopamine goading goals of phantasmagorical flight that prime our pursuitThe psychological wheel spins continuously as we dive in the pool of want and needEfflorescing in our biological clocksIt induced your views, wants, and needsThis is the unchosen life of man, a cog in the wheel of life and its pathway. Evolution or demise: the choice.  

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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