Out of the Ashes


The suffering of the less fortunate is unfortunate
As crime rises, poverty regains life
And cities become torn apart because people won’t receive a change of heart
Young brothers killing each other in the streets over games that shouldn’t be played
Gunshots ringing in the night
Because two former friends decided to fight
The girl next door come home pregnant because daddy ain’t there
And if he there, he decides to be stagnant
The education system falls to corruption because the kids have no type of motivation
They decided to drown the teacher out and not listen
But they’ll put on them headphones and take a listen
Orphans walking the streets alone
Is no one caring enough to take one home?
Because an orphan don’t need a house
An orphan needs a home
Who else in this world has a heart?
Who else in this world has a reason to sit back, kick back, and do nothing?
I’m tired of hearing friends say “I passed.”
No you didn’t
You only did enough to get by
What’s wrong with young kids being afraid to fly?
They should really be afraid to die
Die from getting shot in the streets
Die from unprotected sex because you were too horny to put your damn hormones to rest
Die from suicide because your girl said she pregnant with twins
Die from overdose because you listened to some dealers who baited you into the game
Die from alcoholism and bankruptcy because you couldn’t handle all the fortune and the fame
Why can’t you seem to understand the danger of the things your parents try to save you from?
They try to save you from the poverty
Spare you the tragedy, pain, and agony
And save you from a life that’s dirt-poor and raggedy

A life where you turn to slinging the white for money

A life where death will send you new life

A life where chaos equals crisis and there's no control in the crisis

A life where you live a zoo filled with humans in orange jumpsuits

Is that what you want? 

Is that who you are deep on the inside?

Is that the life that you want for your kids?

Generations of x and Y chromosomes sent to waste and cursed in your name

 Because you made the wrong choice

You left your girl to fend for the baby and herself

You killed your brother out of jealousy like your name was Cain

You cut yourself because you thought your parents gave up on you like an old book on a shelf

You thought you meant nothing to anyone so you caused the people around you pain

Look at the world that we live in



Power-hungry tyrants

Its already enough pain in the world as is

All you have to do is get up and heal it by doing what's right

By leading people to destiny and not destruction

By helping people through depression and not damn them for their transgressions

By telling people about God and not sending them to Satan's Gates

Make a name for yourself

Whatever your situation is, overcome it

Rise up out of the ashes and overcome the odds

Emerge from the smoke and flames and be who you were born to be

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Our world
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