Live And Let Life Be

A scurry in the wood

I wonder if I should

Smile and stay around

Or leave the sacred ground


Here live nature's creatures

Some are big and some small

Untouched by our world

Not unpurified at all


I think back to my home

And know that it's not real

Its porch is made of plastic

Its walls are painted teal


I think of how we play our lives

Like a money-fed board game

While everything else still survives

And always stays the same


When will it come to our minds

To stop and look around

Such calming sights we would find

A playground of sweet sound


This world that God has given us

If only we could see

Has natural bounty we can trust

Plenty for you and me


The human greed grows on; unsatiable

And so, our world does fall apart

If only we could have just been grateful

We could have stopped it at the start


I look up

At the clouds above

I see them

All fluff out with love

Why is it

We treat them this way?

Why is it

That we harm each day?

This pattern

If we let it stay

Will cause them

To dwindle away

The price for

This we'll surely pay

And that is

All that I will say

The scurry

Is pure life no doubt

I wish that

It would come on out

Perhaps if

I could see its face

I would ab-

Sorb some of its grace

I wonder

If I stayed around

And made a

Home of this pure ground

Would people then see

And set the world free?

Would people change their

Ways because of me?

If people would live

And let life be

The world: it would give

And then they'd see.

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Our world
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