Broken Love


We are given love 

to receve pain 

by our mother and fathers we fail 

Fail to see there love only their hate 

They fail to see the hope we give 

or the hope we lack 

maybe its cause they never really cared 

or maybe cause they wish we were never there 


the pain we get from our mothers and fathers 

cause us to feel drained 

feeling imprisioned in our minds 

drowing underwater but unable to scream 

feeling like we are being held down by bolders 

we are ghost treated like we are unseen 

yelled at for there own pride 


maybe they didnt mean too

they didnt mean to break us like this 

or make us feel this pain

Maybe thats why mother yelled 

or why father was never home

cause they were in pain 

that could have been all they know 

so they caused us pain

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