Broken Life


         broken life                                                    


You have done bad things to me

You never regret things in your life

You gone and done things I have not imagined

Never was I with you

In life you tried to get rid of me

I always came back

There is reason for everything but yours is unforgivable

I have kept all my promises

Your promises were always broken

You're a liar, you lied to other people, you lied to me

Now I can no longer trust anyone

You think you have ruined my life

But there is something about me you don’t know

You just lost the inner peace of me that can never be fixed

You lost a girl who you could look up to you and rely on

You now lost your humanity

The next time anyone who sees you

You would be wondering what did I do wrong

I never deserved this, I never meant for this

What did I do wrong that made you this way?

I thought you were different, I thought you're the one for me

But now I know you are mistake
Forever you will be alone and I will live my life

I will forget all things that were bad in life

but you will be haunted with the past that you did to me

you will regret the things you did to me

I will live on and nothing can stop me from living my life

Maybe you find someone that is better than me

Maybe find someone worse than me

But you will never find a person like me

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