the thoughts

Once upon a time.

Cinderella was kept as a tool

in a house

all alone.

She could do it all



keep it under control.

Her sanity, at least.

Girls have more to do than dream of princes.

An escape route would be much more efficient than a boy.

Her thoughts came fast.

Almost incomplete


She could still do it all.


All that was necessary.

And waiting. Waiting for. The right ti-

She would take action before it was too late.

The time came.

And she left

all alone.

But now she had one more thing that made the world complete to her.

She had Freedom.

So much to do
so little time

So much on her mind.

But,, happiness stems from a place deep inside. A place no one else can go, see, or take from her.

She took her heart and walked away.

Alone for now.

Not forever.

But she knew that whatever happened, she would live happily ever after.

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Our world
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