I'm a black

You are a white

The color doesn't really matter

You are rich

I'm  poor

The money doesn't really matter

Human lives really matters most

I can make a difference

I can make a change

Until the philosophy

Which hold one race

Superior and the other inferior

Is  finally and permanently abolished

You can make a difference

You can make a change

Until stereotyping and prejudice are

No more, together

We can make a difference

We can make a change

Let  change the system

And tolerate each other's view

Irrespective of the color or money

Together, we can make a great change

For the younger generation to emulate



                     By: Jesusina

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Life is like a roller coaster

It spins around and end at a point

Life is full of crisis

It isn't gonna be perfect always

Life is full of danger

When you are insecure

Life is full of manipulation

When forces pull you down

Life is full of ups and downs

But they are gonna be worth it

As the great Muhammad Ali once said,

And I quote "It isn’t the mountains ahead that

wear you down. It the pebble in your show"

When the roller coaster stops

There's always a turning point




         By:Jesusina Gyamfi Abankwa

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