Left Behind

As I stand here and watch,

Watch my friends sell drugs,

Sell Drugs because they were left behind in school.

School system needs to change,

Change for the kids.

Kids with no bright ideas,

Ideas that can change the world.

World view them as criminals,

Criminals who hate them.

Them is the ones who put them there,

There has to be change.

Change the budget,

Budget the money,

Money that is used,

Used for your new office,

Office that is not necessary,

Necessary is the kids who need that education.

Education that they deserve.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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This was inspired becuase the State of Alaska might have to shut schools down, pinked slipped teachers and getting rid of most of there programs because they couldnt come up with the money. But, they are able to do reconstruction to the State of Alaska offices that is the more costly to the state than the education system. We are loosing kids that can make a difference. 

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