The Tale of Mulan

Women are unable to fight

Only to cook with delight

To put a smile up on the face

To show that we embrace

What others have said


My father was drafted into the war

I cried my tears when a bird soared forward

To my house with a ribbon attached to its feet

For honor, for the country, lived father

All I could do was sob

He was an old man

A veteran.

I should have gone

It should have been me

But I’m restricted

Because I’m a woman

Because I have to cook and breed

It’s my destiny.

But what is this?

I’m at misery.


I’ve enough of this,

This limitation is senseless

These rules are pure madness

That women cannot fight

That women will die if they resist.

I’ve enough!


I set out today

With rage on my face

Mad at the Huns

Furious at the law,

At society, in which I live.

I will fight for revenge

For my father,

For my country

But what is this,

Although my country is cruel

Although it took away my everything

I still have the sense to love it.

I will fight!

My heart cries out loud

As I tear the Huns apart

Their bodies fall down

But so do mine,

For my enemy drew a sword upon my body.


Awoke I am

Seen by my fellow soldiers

And by General Li Shang

Regret cuts his face

For he has no choice

But to sharpen his knife

And to see the terror on my face

Get up!

Into the snow!

I will cut your head with my sword!

He says with pain,

He has no choice but to follow the law,

No choice but to burn the memories of comradeship,

He takes a plunge with his blade towards my neck.


After all the things I did

I would die for my country

But I never expected to be killed by it

Why does my heart feel so empty?

Is it hatred or sadness that fills me?

How shameful it is

To be killed by our blade

Father, I’m sorry I’ve failed you

I’ve brought shame upon our name

This name we’ve fought for

I thought to fight for what I love was right

It was a mistake

I’m Sorry, Father.


The blade rips through my neck

And I die a shameful death.







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