An Evolution... of Sorts

my Mind was young, innocent, and hopeful

the prospects of Life shone brightly in front of me


Tragedy struck; rapidly, abruptly

then hardship after hardship came and went


I was left sullen, broken, and resentful


Friends departed

Hearts were left in pieces

Misunderstandings unsettled


my Heart became calloused, bitter, and cold

the beauty of Life became dull


Good Fortune arrived; sluggishly, covertly

then laughter and compassion returned


I began to become cheerful, restored, and pleasant


Friends returned

Hearts were mended piece by piece

Misunderstandings clarified


my Mind was aging and so was I

Adulthood drew nearer and nearer


I was not ready

yet still it arrived; dauntingly


ill addressed changes ensued


Uncertainty accompanied me wherever I went

Stress permeated each thought

Failure became an inevitable reality


the variables of Life continue to bewilder me

the loss of my Adolescence

the increase of my Fear

the stability of my Friendships

both my Mind and Heart have grown

for better or worse?

that is still to be seen

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