Sat, 11/07/2015 - 02:19 -- livlife

It’s funny to think about school, and how the goal is to prepare you for the real world.

To mold your mind with a strict curriculum so you can be imaginative and think for yourself. 

Or to raise your hand to speak, go to the bathroom, or tie your shoe. 

Little do you know, in a few short years, you have to re-learn to do these things by yourself,

Without the need for someone’s permission. 

Cramming your head full of formulas and numbers and maps that you’ll rarely use. 

You may not know how to do taxes or apply for a loan, but you can recite the quadratic formula on command. 

That’s what counts, right? 

In reality, school only prepares you for more school. 

One class prepares you for another. 

But you have to finish eventually, right? 

You can’t go on forever. 

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