The things you do

The things you say

The things you think

That all hurts me

You think it is funny

You think it would make you look cool

You think it is nothing to worry about

But what you think it is wrong

People just look and don’t tell

And that this hurts the person you're bullying

It won’t make you look cool

It is not funny

There are many things you would worry about

You have to deal with the consequences

The things that people do to me

You think you know what my life is like

No one understands me in life and no one ever will

I went to the counselor but they tell me just ignore him

The only one who understands is me no one else

Not you, not my family or friends only me

It is my life I can do whatever I want to do in life

But you're holding me against that

The things I do to just get rid of my anger

To get rid of the negative things I want to do

But I know that you would come back for me

Just for revenge and I know better

Just leave me alone that way I can live my life

You could live your life just by leaving me alone

Then that way you change the ways you are now

You don’t have to hurt people to make you look popular

Just be yourself and all will be fine

If they don’t like you for the way you are

Then don’t be with them

They are not worth it

Be with the ones who don’t care what you look like

Be with the ones who are worth it.


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Victoria Inamagua

This is for people who are dealing with bullying hope this would help and i have been through bullying so i know how it feels

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