Son Of An Immigrant

Im sure we know know by now ITS NEVER GOING TO BE BY Mr. Trump's Wall. We all now in days have a different believe on who has more right to be considered lucky to live in a free Nation or fear daily fail on progressing. I can say & admit im scared to end up deported. I've lived in the states 30yrs yet ive been humiliated by the skin color or ethnicity, by birth place or by how I was raised in a country where I simply don't share or able follow my dreams as many immigrants.
Is it Human really to treat & Force a Immigrants Child into a animal cage. SIMPLY because of there parents actions. Is it Human to Traumatize them being away from there mother or father. Some animals that are placed in Cage's have more room to move & treated better. Humanity has really came this far. We/ or Americans sure is making American really great. I would consider myself American due to the fact I have live in the states 30yrs but really I feel disgusted on how just knowing Americans are placing Children, YOUR CHILDREN, in Cage's for days without there parents there's no forgiveness in that regardless if there considered children from criminals, rapists & bad people. Children should also pay the price rigjt.
A young teenager thats given an Education & shown A Dream that everything is possible in life if they work hard for it. There goals are shot down because there not capable or worthy to progress so only those that are lucky enough to qualify or be Americans have the right for better education. Not illegal Immigrant Teens.
As an adult that wakes up for work when there body still sore from the previous work day. They shouldn't have the right to provide.
A brave Veteran, that sacrificed & fights for his county. Yet his life wasn't enough.
What the point in fighting a war then that there sacrificing for A Freedom Dream... That should only be given to Americans but because my birth place or race are considered by Mr. Trump BAD PEOPLE we can't have a dream.
So just because I'm not An American by birth I shouldn't have the same rights or opportunities as a regular American. If that's the case, WHY! Doesn't The U.S. teaches during Jr. High & High School History that how it should. I know many never explain & gave credit to The Mexican's Heroes that Fought Against Germany with the U.S. or during WWII That fought with the U.S. Against The Empire Of Japan. Blindly History in the US. Only wants to be considered the only nation strong enougjh. Never
really acknowledged Mexican fighters for example:
"ESCUADRON 201" & several other Mexican Air Force Squads that took place. My Great Grandfather a heros that is not worthy by the U.S. tobe admired his sacrifice wasn't good enough. It's unfair to even be considered by the president A criminal when he has committed as million times more felonies avoided Military Service thanks to Rich Daddy. Yet cowardly hides under his millions, real American. He simply never worked for a Dream or has ever sacrificed anything he was raised on a gold spoon. Cheated his education by his daddy's donations yet Latino immigrants can't have an education or progress. One thing he doesn't realize is we are not
not Cowards.
I simply don't know if the President who wants to separate & deport millions understands the value of an Immigrant person. As we all know by now Mr. Trump isn't as bright as he supposedly thought.
Im positive that to him far as his education a skin color is only what makes an American. If your not his color your less than him, if your colored your not worthy to be called American but slaves.
Critic's say, A hypocrite, selfish person will never admit his own mistakes or forgiveness.
I'm a son of an illegal Immigrant that worked two jobs. more than 17yrs. She provided a roof, food & clothes & raised me as best as she could on her own all the way to college. I'm forever grateful & blessed for the mother whom she's considered my Best Friend & Roll Model.
It saddens me that my mother's sacrifice & mine as a father now still shouldn't be able to live without worrying or even considered an American. We can't make America Great if there's corruption in the government & within us instead of helping us one another out provide a great example for future generations we simply hurting us and it's our kids & there kids, kids that will pay for all this.

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