Eager for Knowledge With a Heart to Serve

In school we learn so many things

We learn the rules, the terms, the strings.

We learn what is wrong and how to get it right.

We learn the facts that have governed life

In math we get the formulas to solve

Social studies teaches us histories good and evil

In English we learn to interperperate and express.

In science, we come to know when the theories are legit.

But what makes this knowledge come together for us in this world?

When we take what we have learned and use it to serve.

We use the formulas to solve issues of hunger.

History helps us find the path to peace for all of us.

The language skills learnd help us to Take a stand and express

To articulate what we want in this place where we live.

We learn so that we can do for ourselves and for others.

Our new skills can help us become sisters and brothers.

Teachers move your students beyond the classroom

Students open your eyes to the world.

Be eager for knowledge with a heart to serve.

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Our world
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Janet D Parker

School Is Out for Summer

It has happened again

August has faded into October

We brought our suntaned bodies in from the swimming pools

We moved from our lazy day routine into another year of learning

October moves on to December

We bundle in our sweaters against colder weather

Halfway through the school year already

We move from review of the previous years studies 

We make connections with new information

We begin, sometimes reluctently to explore new skills

At first a little clumsey we suprise ourselves with new accomplishments

We take a winter break, 

Enjoy our families and friends

January brings new excitement as we anticipate the Spring

We confidently complete our task

We stride onto the stage of the spring play

We revel on the field of play

We toil in the classrooms trying to make an A

We March forward into April and then it is May

As we look back on the school year,

The face on the first day of school picture is unrecognizable

We are changed, we have grown physically and more

School is out for the summer

We rest ourselves to be ready for more.

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