I was always inside. I didn't know what it was like outside. I was in my own world. I loved being inside. Or maybe thats just my excuse from leaving. I always stayed inside. Watching people go outside was tempting, But I kept inside. Eventually curiosity took over and temptation consumed me. I left. I was always inside. I never thought I'd meet anyone. I was always inside. I was told that the world was beautiful. I never saw it. I still don't. Maybe because i'm not looking. I was excited, then I wasn't. I dont know how this all happened. I was always inside. Why did I leave? I was fine! I got repressed, self-conscious. Im ruined. I said bye before I could even say hi. I was always inside. I tried fixing it and only made it worse. I realize I can't change the past, but I can learn from it. I miss always being inside. I was always inside. 



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