To ‘P’ I am prosperous
I don’t mingle with the poor
For they are just too impecunious
I am the wealthy mountain, they are the lowly floor

To ‘R’ I am always right
I am not sure if I make mistakes or do wrong
In fact, I don’t! Agree if you have a keen sight
I am just too strong

To ‘I’ I am insightful
Oh, my intelligence is ineffable
My wisdom and discernment is 100% full
To think my thoughts, a dozen men are unable!

To ‘D’ I am diligent
My oomph and prowess are amazing
I and Bible Samson are made with same ingredient
Even my vim and puissance are just too surpassing

To ‘E’ I am Eloquent! Oh Yes!
Ah, I can boast all daylong
Even words are impressed how I brag them; I am simply the Best!
Well, thanks for _‘audiencing’_ my Pride song!
But remember I am better than you and a throng!

©SirKel, Poem 105.
Precious Poetry™

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