I love you

Love, a strange feeling that I've never met, now thrives in my veins because of you

How gracefully it fell upon me, seeking to awaken my soul

How rare it is, I've heard, yet I still found it with you

Beauty is this that we carry

There is a light in us that everyone envys

Is it possible to actually have the infamous love that everyone seeks for through life?

Stories I've heard many, yet ours is the real living love flowing through our veins

This, I see, is good for us, for when our hearts are troubled, we fear not and surround each other with hope

We keep faith to our one God

When our souls get heavy of burden and we can no longer take the world, our refuge is in the Lord only

How wonderful it is that we can rely upon our God almighty and be strong together

It is beautiful that we are able to understand one another, as we are one soul

With this must come trust, a brave demonstration of how strong our bond is

Oh and how you respect me and I you, for such behaviors will fortify our love

All of this I can see through your warmhearted nature

I'm happy, seeing that our love is genuine

That is how it should be, I assume, for in the years to come our love will prevail and be everlasting

We will never lose the static between us, for love withstands anything

You mean everything to me, for you are my everything

We are but only one and the same soul

Help me preserve our love, a delicate rose

For I love you

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